About us

Our company

The name and logo may look new, but we’ve been around for about 15 years.

We started up focusing on Education Furniture, then have steadily progressed to include Playground Equipment, Learning Accessories, and Interior Finishes.

Our mission and goal is quite simple...to become “Your Local One Stop Shop for Interior Finishes, Educative Furniture and Playground Toys” .

Our management and business philosophy is based on over 40 years of hands on experience gained from the Ghanaian market. Our target market includes the average household, designers & builders, banks, business offices,  hospitals, schools, nurseries, crèches, montessori's, churches, hospitals, etc.

Lastly,  in addition to providing high quality Education Furniture, Playground Toys, and Interior Finishes at prices that meet all budgets, we also offer delivery and installation services, as well as MDF cutting and edge banding for increased customer convenience.

Our brand 'Wilhelm WS Ltd.' is synonymous with:

- high quality products (MDF boards, Corian® Acrylic solid surface, PLayground equipment, and Education furniture);


-a modern and diverse product line;

-products that meet international safety, environment, and quality standards; and

-exceptional customer service.

Our team